Montreal, Quebec, December 27, 2018 /PressRelease/ – WorkAxle, a new cloud-based workforce management platform where businesses who manage shift-workers can centralize all their operational processes into a single platform, has just finished raising $1.1 Million lead by independent giants in the pharmaceutical industry.

The company will use the funds for key hires at its Montreal-Based headquarters, grow its platform and expand into new regions.

WorkAxle was quietly incubated at the prestigious District 3 Innovation Center in the heart of Montreal. In 2017, the company received initial funding to build out an enterprise scheduling system.

Diab had already proven himself professionally. The young software engineer turned entrepreneur had built and sold his own enterprise solutions prior to WorkAxle and was hand picked by IBM to continue product development and implementations.

Once the initial investment was received, he parted ways with the tech giant to pursue his own venture, WorkAxle. Diab and his team set out to build a modern enterprise workforce management platform, bringing a fresh solutions to a dated industry.

This past September, the WorkAxle platform started taking on early adopters through an alpha rollout. The alpha release was meant to put the platform to the test for industries of all size.

The smallest alpha client on-boarded onto the platform with 12 employees and the largest client with more than 1200 employees. The alpha phase was a success for the business and its early adopters; the company moved onto beta in November.

Throughout beta, the business opened its platform to an additional 1000 users. The platform was put to the test once again and passed with flying colors. The product is set to officially launch in January of 2019.

The WorkAxle platform allows businesses that manage shift workers to better schedule, communicate, and centralize their operational processes in a single modern platform – simple and intuitive.

“Shift work is everywhere and so are the same dated solutions. Every industry from pharmaceuticals, resto-bar, retail, manufacturing, oil & gas, healthcare, etc… all have shift worker.

Schedules need to be made, time & attendance need to accounted for and communication in these organizations need to be clear. However, no solution on the market addresses these problems in a human way.” Diab continued, “Today’s business owner is forced to pick between a simplistic and inexpensive solution that doesn’t fit enterprise needs, or an expensive enterprise solution that destroys your bottom line and takes months to rollout.

This is because creating enterprise software takes a strong technical background and heavy investment. We are the only players in the space to offer a complete enterprise workforce management solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional enterprise solutions.”

The WorkAxle team has plans to integrate AI resource sharing between similar industries to help combat the workforce drought that has hit the Canadian market. “WorkAxle is currently used to help centralize a businesses internal operations.

Once we hit a critical mass of businesses, WorkAxle users will be able to request and share resources from other users who decide to opt-in to the resource sharing service. This allows us to be forward thinking to meet the demands of today’s youth joining the workforce and their affinity for gig-type work.”

WorkAxle is growing quickly and currently has over 5000 daily active users on the platform and boasts big names in across many industries.

About WorkAxle ( WorkAxle is the only modern enterprise workforce management solution for shift-based organizations on the market. WorkAxle brings together and simplifies scheduling, time & attendance, communication, and payroll into a single source of truth for your business. The company is based in Montreal, QC and is backed by independent pharmaceutical leaders.

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